About Jodie Wentz

I started tattooing in 2004.  I opened my own tattoo parlour, Rock Road Tattoo, in  late 2006, just outside of Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba.  I am so fortunate to work in this environment that is fine tuned with intent to meet my needs for working and to create a peaceful environment for the client during the tattoo process.


I feel great joy in working with great clients to create tattoos that reflect their personal symbolism, while inspiring my soul! It is so fulfilling when a piece comes together to bring joy to the client while making me smile as well. These collaborations, where the client has a lot of great ideas, and I have creative freedom to bring their ideas to life, are the most joyous result in tattooing for me. I am grateful to have many repeat clients, doing larger multi-session work.  I still enjoy thoughtful single session tattoos as well. 


I love to create tattoos with a lot of meaning to the client. My favourite work contains aspects nature combined with man made items.  Colour realism is my most pleasing challenge, with horror portraits topping that category. I don't see color and black and grey as separate work.  I like to combine both color and grey washes in my work where appropriate. 


I have recently started painting and love how the new process is influencing how I see my tattoo work and process how to render it in skin.  This is a thrilling journey. I hope to show more paintings as my skills become more refined. 



There are so many tattooers that I admire.  Watching the art of tattooing expand as artists share information, I am continually wowed and inspired. I have purposely left most of my skin untattooed until I could get tattooed by artists that inspire me. I hope to be tattooed by Guy Aitchison, Kurt Wiscombe, Nadine Mitchell, Nick Baxter, Bob Tyrell, Dmitriy Samohin, Jo Harrison to name a few.  


The life that tattooing, and being surrounded by artistic inspiration , has afforded me is so full of joy that I save recently taken on my daughter as my very first apprentice. Teaching her is inspiring me to continue to grow as a tattooer and to explore new mediums as well.  


When I am not tattooing, I am drawing, writing, binge watching series with my daughter, or making music with my lovely man.